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90% of Your Brain’s Omega-3s are DHA

With 10X more DHA than the leading gummy, Omega Boost is the smart way to support your brain. 60% of your brain is fat and more than 90% of the fatty acids in the brain are the omega-3, DHA. DHA helps to maintain brain performance and cognitive health.†

Weirdly Wonderful Gel Bite Gummies

Tasty citrus passion flavored gel bite gummies are different – you don’t swallow them like a pill, and they aren’t chewy like a gummy. They’re soft and smooth like a gelatin dessert, with zero sugar. Plus, these brain boosting supplements are 70% DHA!

Caring for the Aging Brain is Lifelong

DHA accumulates in the brain during infancy and childhood, but it’s also necessary for maintenance of healthy brain function throughout life. Plus, DHA helps support cognitive health for the aging brain and over-worked brains.†

Viactiv Omega-3 is Clinically Proven to Boost DHA Levels in 4 Weeks

Our purified DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) from fish oil is an important type of omega-3 that supports healthy brain development and function throughout life.† Viactiv Omega Boost contains 720mg of DHA per serving. Learn more about Omega-3s for brain health here.

In a clinical study at Western University of Health Sciences, 29 healthy people who started supplementation with Viactiv Omega Boost saw an average 55% increase in DHA levels in just 4 weeks, while total Omega-3 levels increased 50%.

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What is brain health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the definition of brain health is “the state of brain functioning across cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioral, and motor domains, allowing a person to realize their full potential over the course of life."

How to maintain cognitive function?

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the maintenance of brain health and normal brain function throughout life. Consisting of 60% fat, the brain needs omega-3s to develop and function properly.

What vitamins are good for brain health?

Consisting of 60% fat, the brain needs omega-3s to develop and function properly. Research shows that fatty acids are some of the most critical and influential molecules on your brain’s integrity and ability to perform. Adequate levels of omega-3 fish oil supplements support brain development, proper blood flow in the brain, and in turn, supports memory.

Does research support brain boosting supplements?

DHA is the most abundant Omega-3 for brain health and is especially important in nerve cell function and structure. Many studies demonstrate the beneficial effects of maternal intakes of nutrients, like omega-3s. Specifically DHA during pregnancy for optimum growth and development of the brain and retinae; DHA is essential for brain and eye development.

Does omega 3 support healthy memory function?

A 2021 study followed over 300 healthy individuals aged 25-49, for 6-months assessing cognitive performance and memory consolidation. The study showed that both memory accuracy and speed improved with the EPA and DHA oil compared to the placebo. In addition, other supporting research identified that accelerated cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment are correlated with lower levels of EPA and DHA.

Is maintaining heart health related to brain health? 

Your heart pumps blood through vessels to every part of your body, including your brain. Keeping your blood vessels healthy can help you have a strong heart and brain. The CDC recommends taking these 5 simple steps to keeping your heart and brain healthy: 1) maintain healthy blood pressure, 2) eat a healthy diet with limited processed foods and alcohol, 3) maintain healthy blood sugar levels, 4) don’t smoke, and 5) stay active.

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