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Is Omega-3 Fish Oil Sustainable?

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the definition of Sustainability?
  • What certifications are available to ensure sustainability?
  • Explaining Viactiv Omega Boost Sustainability Certifications.
  • How Viactiv guarantees independent testing of their products.

Did you know Viactiv Omega Boost doesn’t only take care of your body? In addition to providing a daily serving of omega-3s, EPA and DHA, to help maintain good health during every life stage, Viactiv has also been extremely intentional in ensuring sustainability for the environment and fish we use to source our omega-3s. Sustainability is a buzz word seen all over product packaging and websites, but what exactly does it mean? In this article, we’ll define sustainability and explain the lengths Viactiv goes to make sure Omega Boost is a sustainable omega-3 product.

What is Sustainability?

A person holding a lightbulb with a graphic of different societal factors that affect the environment around it.

Sustainability is practices that support ecological, human, and economic health and vitality. There is a World Sustainability Organization (WSO) that is identifying critical habitats and endangered species, creating steps to protect them, and working to ensure that feeding the world’s growing population meets standards in the following key requirements: food safety, environmental responsibility, social accountability, and animal health and welfare. The WSO has created two global sustainability certifications, Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, along with related conservation and awareness projects, that allow companies to certify sustainability for their seafood and agriculture products.

What do WSO Certifications Guarantee?

Friends of the Sea and Friends of the Earth logos.

Friend of the Sea is certification of seafood products from sustainable fishing and aquaculture. The Friend of the Sea Certification logo on a product guarantees:

  • Its origin from non-overexploited fish resources
  • Its origin from selective fishing methods which aren’t harmful to the seabed
  • Respect for the environment in aquaculture facilities
  • Compliance with fishing regulations
  • Responsible waste and energy management
  • Social accountability of the whole production chain

Friend of the Earth is certification of products from sustainable agriculture and farming. The Friend of the Earth certification logo on a product guarantees:

  • Safeguarding of the ecosystem
  • Protection of wild fauna and flora
  • Protection of soil and water resources
  • Prohibition of the use of hazardous substances
  • Responsible waste and energy management
  • Protection of animals kept for farming purposes beyond the legal limits
  • Social accountability of the whole production chain.

Is Viactiv Omega Boost Friends of the Sea Certified?

Sustainable Viactiv Omega Boost package over the top of a blue fish plate.

Yes! To ensure sustainability for the environment and for our fish sources, Viactiv chose a manufacturer for our Omega Boost supplement that is a certified Friend of the Sea manufacturer. Friend of the Sea certification of fisheries and aquaculture products requires a clear verification that producers are following best practices to deliver seafood products in a safe, responsible, and sustainable manner.

For an omega-3 supplement or oil to be certified Friend of the Sea sustainable, the product must pass a Friend of the Sea audit to verify its production compliance with the following requirements:

  • Originate from trimmings or by-cuts from seafood processing or from Friend of the Sea approved fisheries or fleets.
  • In case of whole fish, krill or seaweeds origin, the fishery must, among others
    • Target a not overexploited fish stock.
    • Not catch endangered species.
    • Be managed considering its impact on the ecosystem.
    • Manage its waste.
    • Be energy efficient.
    • Comply with Social Accountability principles.
  • Processing of the fish and omega-3 must be carried out in line with Environment Management System practices and Social Accountability principles.

 We are proud to say that the EPA and DHA omega-3s in Viactiv Omega Boost are Friends of the Sea certified. In addition to being Friend of the Sea Certified NSF certification.

What is NSF Certification and is Omega Boost Certified?

NSF Certification Logo

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification is the highest certification available for public health protection. The NSF was founded in 1944 and is committed to protecting and improving human health and the environment on a global scale. This organization is an independent, international organization that facilitates the development of public health standards, in addition to product certification, testing, auditing, education, and risk management that help protect food, water, consumer products, and the environment.

Omega Boost is made in a NSF certified manufacturing facilities and each batch of Omega Boost made is tested by a trusted independent organization, guaranteeing every ingredient and ingredient amount listed on the supplement facts label is in the product as identified; nothing more, nothing less. So, when the omega-3s, EPA and DHA, in Omega Boost are cleaned and put into our Gel Bite Gummies, you can rest assured that this process has the highest standards of manufacturing safety and quality. 

Does Viactiv Omega Boost Have Sustainable Packaging?

Omega Boost package on a kitchen counter next to a banana, mango, and pineapple.

We didn’t stop at Friend of the Sea and NSF Certification. Viactiv Omega Boost’s packaging is made from sustainably sourced material and consciously created to reduce waste. The cartons that house the aluminum blister packs are made from recycled material and the aluminum blister packaging is designed to effectively protect the omega-3 nutrients in our product from oxidation. The blister packs individually seal each Gel Bite Gummy, protecting each serving from humidity, light, and air oxidation with no exposure to the elements until ready to be consumed. Light-weight and convenient, our packaging is conducive to an active lifestyle.

Viactiv is committed to bringing our loyal consumer’s products that not only help maintain good health, but also ensure sustainability for the environment without compromise.


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Last Updated On: December 7, 2023

First Published On: December 20, 2023



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