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Calcium + Bone Strengthening

Calcium + Bone Strengthening

Milk Chocolate

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Creamy delicious taste with bone-nourishing nutrients.

Just two milk chocolate chews give you a full day’s worth of calcium plus essential bone-strengthening vitamins to support your bones throughout your teens, during pregnancy and beyond. Plus, they’re individually wrapped for take-it-anywhere convenience!

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Viactiv Building Blocks of Strong Bones

Calcium + Bone Strengthening Formula

Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening formula is the perfect combination of “I want it” taste and “I need it” nutrition to help keep your body going strong. Wrapped up in a take-it-anywhere chew you’ll actually look forward to taking.

  • Building Bone Mass in Your Teens

    Building Bone Mass in Your Teens

    Getting the recommended amount of calcium as a teen - 1,300 mg of calcium a day, - can make a big difference in building strong bones. Your bones absorb more calcium between the ages of 9 and 18 than during any other period in your life, which is then "deposited" in your bones. The more calcium you store during your teens, the greater your peak bone mass is an adult. Taking Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening chews, along with a sensible, calcium-rich diet and regular exercise, is a tasty and easy way for teen girls to get the daily calcium they need for strong bones.†

  • Support During Pregnancy

    Support For You and Your Baby During Pregnancy

    When you're eating for two, you're eating to support your health, and your baby's development. To do both, you need to make sure you're getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from your diet — including calcium. If you don't get enough calcium in your diet, your baby will actually draw it from your teeth and bones to build their own teeth and bones, as well as develop their circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems - the same systems you need calcium to support. Protect your bones by eating calcium-rich foods and taking a calcium supplement like Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening.†

  • Maintaining Strong Bones After Menopause

    Maintaining Strong Bones After Menopause

    Adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthy diet - along with physical activity - may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.† Osteoporosis, which means "porous bone," is a disease in which bones have lost density, making them weaker and more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, osteoporosis can progress silently and painlessly until a bone breaks. Taking Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening gives you the recommended calcium you need, along with vitamin D and vitamin K, helping to protect your bones as you age.

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    No High Fructose Corn Syrup

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