Vitamin K: The Bone Protector

Vitamin K: The Key to Helping D

Over the last 10 years, vitamin K has proven to play an important role in bone health.

Vitamin K partners with vitamin D to boost calcium absorption, affect calcium balance and increase bone mineral density — helping your body absorb osteocalcin, a protein that studies show may be essential for protecting bones from fractures.

*Note: If you’re on blood-thinning medications, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening.

How Much, and How to Get Vitamin K

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It doesn't take much to get the vitamin K intake you need. For adults 19 and over, you need just 120 mcg a day to meet your recommended daily value — and just one Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening chew gives you 40 mcg of vitamin K. Leafy greens and vegetables like these are a great source of vitamin K:

RAW (All are 1 cup serving sizes):

  • Swiss Chard – 299 mcg

  • Mustard Greens – 279 mcg

  • Green Onions - 207 mcg

  • Collard Greens – 184 mcg

  • Brussels Sprouts – 156 mcg

  • Spinach – 145 mcg

    COOKED (All are 1 cup serving sizes):

    • Kale – 1054 mcg

    • Spinach - 884 mcg

    • Turnip Greens – 526 mcg

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