NEW! - Omega Boost

Viactiv Chewable Omega Boost Gel Bites combine the potency of a hard to swallow pill with the great taste you expect from a gummy. There are no tradeoffs, just an easy to take, great-tasting way to get your Omega-3!

Viactiv Calcium + Immune

Calcium + Immune

Protect your bones and show your body’s immune system some love! Viactiv Calcium + Immune provides 100% of your daily calcium requirements, vitamin D3 to improve calcium absorption and support immune health, plus zinc for an extra immune system boost. A tasty way to help keep you strong and healthy every day.

Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening

Calcium + Bone Strengthening

Viactiv Calcium + Bone Strengthening formula is the perfect combination of “I want it” taste and “I need it” nutrition to help keep your body going strong. Wrapped up in a take-it-anywhere chew you’ll actually look forward to taking.


Viactiv is obsessed with making nutrition enjoyable and easy to take!

Today, we continue building from that passion to provide solutions that help our customers live their most vibrant and active lives. Our care for VI-brant and ACTIV-e products to supplement life is why we named the brand VIACTIV in the first place.

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