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#ChewsToBeStrong with Viactiv®

Strength doesn’t have one definition. It comes in many different forms – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial....inspirational. Whether you’re finding the strength to get through a trying time, working hard to put your kids through college, training for an athletic event or simply being strong to help someone else through a tough life event, YOU are the definition of strength.

That’s why Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews is celebrating how you CHEWs to be Strong! We know strong bones, but we know you are strong in many ways and we want to celebrate your strength in all its forms.

Satisfying and Strong

Viactiv is a sweet way to a stronger you, inside and out. Just two tasty Viactiv chews a day give you 100% of the daily recommended calcium you need daily to help keep your bones tough, so you keep going strong. Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are available in delicious milk chocolate and caramel flavors and have 30% more calcium (plus vitamins D and K) with half the sugar and calories compared to leading gummy supplements.

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Everyone’s #ChewsToBeStrong Story is Different.

CHEWs to be Strong can include anything from how important staying healthy and strong is to you with exercise and proper nutrition (getting the calcium you need for bone strength) to a time in your life where you had to be strong on an emotional & mental level (and we know that isn’t always easy). So, what does strength mean to you? Share your CHEWs to be Strong story socially to connect with others and inspire.

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