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Omega-3s for Joint Health

Omega-3s, EPA and DHA, play a role in keeping your joints healthy by restoring and supplementing joint tissues. These marine-sourced omega-3s help to keep our joints properly lubricated. 

Squeaky Joints? Omega-3s Can Help

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Our joints have a lubrication within them called synovial fluid. This fluid reduces the rubbing together of joints and helps minimize stiffness. Both EPA and DHA are necessary to maintain and improve synovial fluid by providing optimal joint lubrication. They also limit the production of any negative proteins in our joints that may lead to joint decline.  

How Much Is Enough?

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Remember, EPA and DHA are essential nutrients that cannot be made or stored in the body.  They must be eaten or supplemented on a consistent basis.  Research shows that 1,000mg of EPA and DHA is a good starting point to assist keeping your joints healthy, but higher daily amounts are also safe and effective.   

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