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Omega Boost Omega-3 Gel Bite Gummies

Omega Boost Omega-3 Gel Bite Gummies

Omega-3 Gel Bite Gummies with EPA + DHA, no fish burps, and clinically proven absorption

Flavor: Citrus Passion

Servings Per Pack: 30 Day Supply

Serving Size: 2 Gel Bite Gummies

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  • An ultra-pure omega-3 fish oil supplement with no fishy aftertaste and no fish burps.
  • 10X more omega-3 from fish oil than the leading omega-3 gummies.
  • Gel bites have better absorption than ordinary, hard-to-swallow fish oil pills.
  • EPA and DHA supplement to help maintain total body health, especially your heart, brain, eyes, immune system, joints, hair, skin, and nails.†
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are great heart health supplements, helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.†
  • Omega-3 benefits for skin includes improvements in skin redness, hydration, elasticity, firmness, and tone.†
  • Pop out and chew 2 omega-3 fish oil gel bites daily, with food.
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Viactiv Omega Boost is clinically proven to increase Omega-3 levels +50% in just 4 weeks.

Boost Omega 3 Levels in Just 4 Weeks

In an ongoing clinical study at Western University of Health Sciences, people who started omega-3 supplementation with Omega Boost saw a 50% average increase in their omega-3 levels in just 4 weeks as measured using the Omega Index test. A higher Omega Index has been shown to support heart health.

Chart Comparing Total Omega-3, EPA, and DHA Amounts in Omega Boost vs. Pills

More Omega-3 than the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand*

With 1,200mg of Omega-3s, primarily EPA & DHA, you get the potency of those big, hard-to-swallow horse pills while treating your tastebuds. No question it's the ultimate nutrition hack and alternative to omega-3 gummies.

*More omega-3 than the #1 pharmacist recommended brand's top fish oil.

Hand holding 2 Gel Bites with Enhanced Absorption, High Quality EPA & DHA, and No Fish Burps

Better Absorption than Soft Gels

Move over pills, our Gel Bite Gummy technology has been shown to have better absorption of omega-3s compared to ordinary soft gel pills. Plus, you get all the goodness of fish without a wave of fish burps. It's just omega greatness.

Better than Omega-3 Gummies

Formulation matters. Our Gel Bites Gummies were created to hold 10X more fish oil than the leading omega-3 gummies, without a hint of fishy flavor. Plus, the smooth gelatin-dessert-like texture won't stick to your teeth and has zero sugar. All you'll taste is our delectable citrus passion flavor.

A Great Value with Total Body Benefits

Can you name a nutrient that has more clinically proven benefits from head to toe than omega-3s? Us neither. So, if you're going to pick just one omega-3 fish oil supplement, Omega Boost is a slam dunk. Click on the benefit to find out more:

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Heart Health

Omega-3s have been recommended as heart health supplements by the American Heart Association (AHA) for the past 20 years to maintain heart health.†

Brain Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for the maintenance of normal brain function throughout life.†

Immune Health

Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, support an effective immune system.† They have important immune-regulatory functions, exerting a positive influence over the immune system throughout life.†

Hair, Skin, and Nail Health

Omega-3s play an important role in maintaining skin health and appearance.† Omega-3 benefits for skin include helping to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness, may minimize collagen adversity associated with the process of skin aging, and are beneficial in protecting skin from UV rays.†

Eye Health

The omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, is a major structural component of the retinae in your eyes and may help reduce occasional dry eye symptoms (among other things).†

Joint Health

Omega-3s may improve bone strength and joint health, keeping your joints healthy and free from stiffness.†

Pregnancy Health

EPA and DHA supplements during pregnancy benefits both the mother and baby.† They can also benefit your child during infancy and childhood with improved problem-solving skills and overall wellbeing.†


Omega-3 gel bite gummies vs. omega-3 gummy?

Viactiv Omega Boost gel bites hold 10x more omega-3s than the leading gummy, with zero sugar. AND they have better absorption than ordinary fish pills, with no fishy aftertaste or fish burps. Containing 1,200 mgs of Omega-3s, including 72mg of DHA and 29mg of EPA, our Omega Boost gel bites are Omega-3 perfection!

What are omega-3 gummies good for?

Better than an Omega-3 gummy, our Omega Boost gel bites are the next generation in Omega-3 nutrition, combining the potency of hard-to-swallow pills with the great taste you’d expect from a gummy. Supportive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as the total body (heart, brain, eyes, joints, immune system, hair, skin, and nails).

Who should take omega-3s?

Everyone! Omega-3s, EPA and DHA, are essential nutrients that cannot be made or stored in the body; they must be consumed through foods or nutritional supplementation. Our western diets and busy lifestyles can make it a challenge to get our healthy fats. Viactiv Omega Boost is an easy, tasty, and efficient solution.

How much omega-3 do I need per day?

Many healthcare providers recommend between 500 and 1,500mg of Omega-3s daily. Viactiv Omega Boost provides 1,200 mgs of Omega-3s, including 720mg of DHA and 29mg of EPA, in just two gel bites daily.

When should you take omega-3 fish oil gummies?

Better than an Omega-3 gummy, our Omega Boost combine the potency of hard-to-swallow pills with the great taste you’d expect from a gummy. It does not matter what time of day you take your gel bites, as long as you are consistent and take them daily. We recommend taking them at the same time every day to form a healthy habit.

Are omega-3s the same as fish oil?

Not all omega-3s are created equally. Viactiv Omega Boost gel bites are made from sardines and anchovies, which contain EPA and DHA, the only active omega-3s in rTG form. rTG stands for “re-esterfied triglyceride.” Omega-3s from fish oil most commonly come in two forms: cleaned triglycerides (rTG) or ethyl esters (EE). When we eat fish, the Omega-3s we receive from the fish are in an rTG form. Research shows us that this form is approximately 3X more absorbable and beneficial than the EE form, which is why we include only the purest and most sustainable rTG forms of omega-3s in our gel bites.

What is an omega-3 deficiency?

Omega-3 deficiency is the lack of essential nutrients, EPA and DHA, which are found in every cell in our body. These essential nutrients cannot be made or stored, so we must get them from our diets or through supplementation. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends 3-5 servings of fish weekly as a minimum to provide the total body benefits of these healthy fats. Since omega-3s are found in every cell in your body, omega-3 deficiency can impact overall and long-term health in many different ways. Consult with a healthcare professional for more information on omega-3 deficiency.

Does omega-3 have side effects?

Since omega-3s are essential nutrients, there are no know counter-indications unless someone has a fish allergy. There are no fish proteins in Omega Boost; however, if you have a fish allergy, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider before taking our marine-sourced omega-3 product.

Do omega-3s help with hair health?

Omega-3s do help with overall hair quality. They provide essential proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and skin, helping hydrate your hair which may provide more luster and shine.

Is DHA the same as omega-3?

DHA is an omega-3, and in fact, is one of the most beneficial omega-3s for the body. DHA is easily absorbed and bioavailable, meaning it can be immediately beneficial to your body when consumed.

What does DHA do for adults?

90% of your brain’s omega-3s are DHA. As DHA is an essential nutrient and part of every cell in the body, it helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as the total body (heart, brain, eyes, joints, immune system, hair, skin, and nails).

Do I need a DHA supplement?

Yes, absolutely! The National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that 78% of Americans don’t get enough active Omega-3s in their diets. In order to get the recommended amount of omega-3s daily, you’d have to eat 5 cans of tuna per day OR you can supplement with just 2 delicious Omega Boost gel bites.

Is DHA better than fish oil?

Well, DHA is from fish, but not all fish oils contain DHA. It’s important to read your nutrition labels to ensure that you are getting active omega-3s, EPA and DHA, in your daily supplementation. Viactiv Omega Boost offers 120mg of Omega-3s, 72mg of DHA and 29mg of EPA, in just two gel bites daily.