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Our first chapter began over 20 years ago with a calcium chew and a mission to help women maintain healthy bones. From the beginning, we understood that the best way to deliver clinical nutrition was to make sure it was enjoyable to taste and easy to take. Hence our obsession with the original delicious, chocolatey calcium-fortified Soft Chew. 


Viactiv Packaging Over the YearsToday, we continue to build on that heritage and our passion to provide solutions that help our customers live their most vibrant and active lives. Our care for VI-brant and ACTIV-e products to supplement life is why we named the brand VIACTIV in the first place.


We’re proud of the millions of customers we’ve helped, and we’re excited to expand the brand with new products that address a wider range of clinical nutrition needs. From more energy to less stress, and lots of areas in between, we’re exploring multiple ways to help our customers rock their strong “Viactiv” lives.
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We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

  • Omega Boost

    Passion Fruit
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    Omega Boost - Passion Fruit
  • Calcium + Immune

    Orange Cream
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    Viactiv Immune - Front Panel
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  • Calcium + Bone Strengthening

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    Viactiv Caramel - Front Panel
  • Calcium + Bone Strengthening

    Milk Chocolate
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    Viactiv Chocolate - Front Panel