Dark Chocolate Chews – Viactiv

The deliciously different way to get your gut-strengthening bacteria

Only Viactiv® Digestive Health chews help balance gut bacteria by feeding the good bacteria you already have, and fighting the bad bacteria, so you can feel your best — and all without the survivability issues of live probiotics. Just pop them in your bag for a tasty way to get prebiotic fiber plus 10 billion cells of hearty, heat-stabilized Lactobacillus bacteria to strengthen your digestive defenses, while indulging your senses.

Bite-sized benefits:

10 billion
cells of proprietary Lactobacillus LB Fermentate
1 gram
prebiotic fiber to feed your good bacteria
No fridge required
due to our heat-stabilized fermentation process
Individually wrapped
for go-anywhere convenienece
15+ clinical studies
on our LB Fermentate technology
Rich & indulgent
dark chocolate flavor you'll crave

The Viactiv® Digestive Health Difference

The Viactiv<sup>®</sup> Digestive Health Difference The Viactiv<sup>®</sup> Digestive Health Difference
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Satisfying & Strong

Satisfying & Strong
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A sweet way to a stronger you, inside and out

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Viactiv® Calcium plus D

Milk Chocolate

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