Calcium Orange Cream Chews – Viactiv

Calcium + Immune support = a healthier you

Protect your bones and show your body’s immune system some love! Two tasty orange cream-flavored chews daily provides 100% of your daily calcium requirements, vitamin D3 to improve calcium absorption and support immune health, plus zinc for an extra immune system boost. A tasty way to help keep you strong and healthy every day.

Bite-sized benefits:

650 mg
of bone-building calcium in a tasty chew
20 mcg (800 IUs)
of calcium absorbing and immune system support
5.5 mcg
of immune system-boosting zinc
Only calcium supplement
with Zinc & D for immune health
Less sugar
than the leading gummy*
Free of
dairy, gluten, high fructose corn syrup and FD&C dye

Bone-Strengthening Nutrients

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Satisfying and Strong

Get your calcium

A sweet way to stronger you, inside and out

Viactiv® Calcium plus D


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Viactiv® Calcium plus D

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