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The Building Blocks to Strong Bones:

Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

Calcium, calcium, calcium. For building and protecting your bones throughout your life, getting the right amount of calcium is essential. But calcium alone won't get the job done: you also need vitamin D to boost your body's calcium absorption, and vitamin K to work with vitamin D for optimal calcium absorption and bone density. Exercise also plays an important role in keeping your bones healthy and strong.

That's why every Viactiv® Calcium plus D chew delivers the trifecta your body needs to strengthen and protect your bones, to help keep you going strong at every life stage. Here's how.

The Bone Builder
The mineral that builds strong bones at every age and stage
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Vitamin D & Vitamin K:
The Calcium Absorber & The Bone Protector
Works with calcium to build and protect your healthy bones
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